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China’s now-disgraced ex-politburo member Bo Xilai revealed one of China’s most sensitive pieces of information just before he was ousted from his leadership role last year. No, it wasn’t a military secret, some diplomatic manoeuvre, nor some political machination. It was where China’s Gini coefficient stands.

Father,son and grandfather fishing

The value of income protection is something that has gained a more widespread understanding and acceptance in recent years and many more are becoming wise to the need for a contingency plan which will pay a regular monthly income if sickness or injury prevents them from working.


Portugal’s President Anibal Cavaco Silva warns about the great threat his country faces; the spending cuts and tax increases imposed by Portugal’s rescuers. The worry for investors is that the US is imposing similar austerity policies. Politicians there are removing government stimulus from the economy in steps as they clash over Washington’s finances.


An event looms over the global economy that many Greeks, policymakers worldwide and investors see as almost inevitable. That event is a Greek default.

People think a default is coming because the International Monetary Fund (IMF), one of the “troika” of Greek rescuers, can only help a country if it assesses that a country’s debt load is on a sustainable trajectory.


With the ongoing uncertainty in the global economy, many companies are being forced to cut costs, making redundancies more common. So what’s the best way to cope if you are made redundant and how can you keep on track with your financial goals?

Being made redundant can be a big blow to both your finances and self-esteem.

Father,son and grandfather fishing

Many people think estate planning is only for the rich, but every family can benefit from having an estate plan.

The truth is that most of us have some assets we would like to pass onto our children and other beneficiaries.  An estate plan can help to make the most of these assets.


With the start of a new calendar year it is appropriate to consider what the year may bring you. Take the time to review your current situation and consider whether a review of your estate planning strategy is appropriate.

As a starting point, consider the following: