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Welcome to our quarterly magazine – in this edition:

  • SMSFs are on the rise
  • Should we continue allocating alternatives in a diversified portfolio?
  • Are you financially ready for retirement?
  • Changes to private health insurance rebates
  • Grey nomads
  • Returning to work: four things to think about
  • 2017 Federal Budget

Welcome to our quarterly magazine – in this edition:

  • Safeguarding your retirement plan
  • Retirees and life insurance?
  • Tax changes for seniors are now on the table
  • Are your finances ready for this year’s changes?
  • Male bonding, it’s good for mental health
  • Significant changes to contribution limits to super could prove a challenge

Market Highlights, Onwards and upwards

  • Global growth indicators continued to firm through November as inflation expectations rose on the back of higher levels of industrial activity.
  • Share markets, especially US small companies, staged a late recovery in the month following Donald Trump’s victory as his promise of expansionary fiscal policies lifted confidence and growth prospects.

Welcome to our quarterly magazine – in this edition:

  • Don’t miss out on a super opportunity
  • Budgeting tips that are not just for the young
  • Property and super – beware the pitfalls
  • How to protect your assets from expensive mistakes
  • Time is running out… don’t get caught offside when the pension rules change
  • The new minimalism

Market Highlights

  • Bond yields rise on higher inflation risks
  • Share markets moved lower as bond proxies such as REITs and utilities were dumped
  • The markets are pricing around 70% probability for a US rate hike in December

Market Highlights

  • Central banks continued to support investor sentiment
  • Share markets moved higher as bond yields remained low
  • The US Federal Reserve (Fed) kept rates unchanged in September

Markets in a see-saw

Market Highlights

  • Share markets moved higher as complacency rose
  • Bond yields moved higher but central bank liquidity limited the rise
  • Slowdown in Chinese industrial growth points to risks for commodity prices

Searching for growth

Welcome to our quarterly magazine. In this edition:

  • What’s driving the volatility in the Australian dollar?
  • Further guidance on the $500k lifetime cap on non-concessional contributions
  • Six ways to control personal finances after a divorce
  • How the ATO’s new LRBA rules affect SMSF trustees
  • 5 ways to build resilience
  • Are you missing out? A guide to government entitlements

  • Share markets dropped sharply in the hours post Brexit and then rallied strongly
  • Brexit is a medium-term challenge but has reinforced the long-standing trend of lower yields
  • Market expectations have shifted towards US rates being on hold for an extended period.

  • Share markets bounced strongly on central bank support and the improved growth outlook
  • The rally has started to broaden from commodities to technology, financials and health
  • The Australian dollar fell sharply on expected further rate cuts and US rate hike projections